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(Here’s a riff on the Vancian wizard. The school of White Magic has a limited selection of spells; the priest class mitigates this restriction, but at the cost of spells per day.)

Priests (also known as healers) dedicate their lives to the Church of Law. Their focus is on spellcasting, ministry, and prayer. Most priests do not become adventurers, but some are sent forth from their temples into the world. Most of these priests fall prey to temptation or misfortune, but a few rise in power and broaden the reach and influence of their order.

Priests are a variant of the white wizard character class. Since they do not need to memorize their spells in advance, they have a broader range of powers – but are more limited in the number of spells cast per day.


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(It’s been a while since posting here – I’ve been more active on my Tempora Mutantur gameblog lately – but there’s something that’s been bugging me and I want to get it online before I forget about it…)

Fairy Tale

I feel that the elves in Dwarven Glory are a wee bit munchkin (especially since dwarves are small-sized), so I’m going to nerf them.

Iron, particularly “cold iron”, was employed as a protective substance or charm against faeries. In various folklores, supernatural creatures are held to hold an aversion to iron or even be harmed by the touch of iron.

So here’s some additional elf racial traits:

  • An elf wearing armour or bearing a shield constructed of iron or steel suffers –2 penalty to d20 checks (attack rolls, feat checks, and saving throws).

    Similarly, an elf wielding a medium or heavy weapon with iron suffers a –2 penalty. * (Light weapons have less metal and can used without penalty.)

  • Weapons made of cold iron inflict +1 damage per die to elves.

(* Note that these penalties do not stack; it’s a single negative condition – aversion to iron.)

In practice, this means that elf fighters typically use bronze instead of steel (or mithral, if they can afford it). Which means I’ll have to put together some rules for bronze armour and weapons at some point…

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