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I think it’s time again for some rules tweaking. Over at Tempora Mutantur I made some changes back in February, and now I’m going through the various posts here and revising some details.

Changes include the following:

  • Adventuring Feats: “Athletics” and “Subterfuge” don’t really roll of the tongue. And I want thieves to be more “skilled” in general, rather than just sneaky. So I’m renaming Atheletics to Might and Subterfuge to Skill.
    Since Skill is now one of the three basic abilities, I’m also changing the old nomenclature for “Skills” to “Feats” and renaming “Secondary Skills” to “Backgrounds”.
  • Saving Throws: Although there is still only a single base Saving Throw, saves will now be divided into the following default “classic D&D(ish)” categories – Poison/Death, Petrifaction/Polymorph, Blast/Breath Weapon, Magic Devices, and Runes.
    Saving throw modifiers by race or class shall be updated accordingly

I’m going to focus on the “core” Dwarven Glory rules first, then collect the alternate Gygaxian/Vancian rules into a separate game (which I’ll probably call Dungeoncrawl).

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