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(These options haven’t been playtested at all, but I’m posting them anyways. Another pair of classes from the Codex Nordica by Troll Lord Games. The seiðkona and völva are primarily intended as NPC classes, but may be available to players if the referee allows.)

Seiðkona and Völva

Seiðkona and völva are practitioners of an ancient feminine sorcery called the Seiðr. With the Seiðr, the user spins charms and enchantments as she would thread from a loom. The distaff (or seiðrstafr) symbolizes the magic weave of the Seiðr and is not just an object for creating cloth. Male practitioners are treated with scorn and disdain by the majority of Asgårdian society, who deem them frail and cowardly.

Seiðkona are masters of charms of influence and illusion, while völva specialize in divination and prophesy. Rune magic is a lesser art for both these classes since they focus on the manipulative power of the Seiðr.

Although weak in combat, seiðkona and völva possess many special class abilities and moderate runecasting power.


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