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Here is an alternate version of the Dwarven Glory Core Rules, applying the changes mused about in my previous post:

Adventuring Skills and Saving Throws are different than the standard rules.

Here’s a set of character cards using the Alt rules:

So – which version do you prefer?

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The following table is taken from page 61 of the Encounters Reference, downloaded from Kellri’s blog:

(I’ve printed it up on a Dwarven Glory index card, natch, substituting “Troll Valley Headcracker” for entry #19.)

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Five dwarves went in; one dwarf came out…

I ran a tabletop session of Dwarven Glory last night. Given my recent interest in index card gaming, I printed the Mines of Dol Muir (from the Sword & Shield blog) on a large index card and used it as a basis for the adventure.


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Here’s another useful application for 3×5″ index cards – monster image (and possibly name) printed on front, with (hand-written) stats on the back.

At right is a white goblin, one of the several goblin types found in Dwarven Glory.

Not entirely an original idea, but I’ve become quite attached to the whole index card thing…

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I spent some time fiddling with the printer yesterday, and I figured out how to print on 3×5″ index cards. I’ve been using index cards as PC sheets for a while now in my Tempora Mutantur game, and I quite like them.

Here’s a set of Dwarven Glory ‘character cards’ formatted for printing:

There are three designs (so far); an axe, a dagger, and runestones. The one with runestones has a section for recording which runes a character has prepared.

I think I’ll need to do a couple posts on ‘index card gaming’…

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