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Orichalcum Scale

A while back I posted about the elvish aversion to iron. This (intentionally) nerfs elf PCs, since they cannot use normal steel weapons and armour without suffering penalties.

Elf metalsmiths would compensate by using different materials, however. This post gives game rules for bronze and orichalcum gear. Also, the finest elven armour would be made of mithral – as described in the Expanded Armour Rules – and elvish bows are of mastercraft quality (and are priced accordingly).

Unlike the chain hauberks common amongst other races, elves favour scale. Leather scale and scale mail are the two most common armour types. Since their warriors typically prefer mobility, breastplates are the heaviest armour produced by elven smiths. (Plate armour is a dwarven innovation and is unknown to the elves.)

In terms of weaponry, elves prefer blades (daggers / short swords / long swords), spears (and javelins), and archery bows (short bows / long bows). Remember that elves can inflict a maximum of 1d8 base damage, which limits adoption of heavier two-handed weapons.


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The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells,
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

– J.R.R. Tolkien

The dwarves of Asgård are renowned armour and weapon smiths, and the dwarven runecasters have the ability to craft magic items of superb quality.

Despite my preference for minimalist rules, I like the item creation rules from D&D 3e and intend on adapting them for use in Dwarven Glory. I particularly like the requirement for XP expenditure – the runecaster must tithe a portion of his soul to enchant an item.

Rules for crafting of Power Runes are included in the Runecasting supplement; the following rules cover the creation of magic armour and weapons.


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(Fair Warning: I haven’t updated these since I posted the pdfs, so they may not represent the latest version of the rules.)

I’ve used a website called Print Friendly to convert some of the posts here into printable PDF format.

Here are links to the resulting documents:

I’ve formatted each to be two pages at most, so that they can be printed (double-sided) on a single sheet of paper.

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(Like my previous post on Expanded Armour Rules, this provides more options to PCs at a cost of increasing complexity. Note that with this expansion, some weapons will have different statistics than noted in the Core Rules.)

Archaeological finds show that the axe was the most common primary weapon of the Viking warrior. However, many fighters preferred the sword (once they could afford one). Some Viking warriors used a fighting spear, and long bows were used for hunting as well as warfare.

Dwarves, however, favour axes, hammers, and picks in melee (and crossbows for ranged combat). Many new weapons also saw use during Ragnarök; in particular, the dwarves of Asgård became adept at forging giant axes and 2-handed swords for their larger clients (even though they themselves were too small to use them). Highly miniaturized hand crossbows were also invented during this period.


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